Squib is free software released under the MIT license; You are welcome to take it, use it, modify it.

If you find it of use a donation is appreciated but by no means required.



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Squib is a free, open source, weblog publishing application available under the liberal MIT Licence. Squib is written in Ruby and uses the Ruby on Rails web framework.

Squib is my experimental weblog software. It was started some time in 2005 (I think perhaps July or August) as a replacement for another package and as an excuse to learn pre-1.0 Rails. Since then it has gone through several partial rewrites as my Ruby and Rails knowledge has improved and the Rails feature set has developed. During 2006 it didn't get much attention because, more or less, it worked. Recently I have made an effort to bring it up to code and to improve the feature set and interface. The plan is to release a, much improved, 0.6 in a few weeks time.



Squib 0.3.6 was released on Dec 20th 2005.

There was an 0.4 branch intended to support multiple weblogs that was eventually abandoned.

Squib 0.5 was released in 2006 containing a few fixes and improvements to the 0.3 release.


This project is currently maintained by Matt Mower. You are welcome to use any or all of the code. Source is available from the Subversion repository:

svn co squib

Patches for obviously missing functionality (e.g. Metaweblog API support) are welcome.

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